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A clear vision of where the journey is headed, continuous learning, trust, and responsibility are the keys to success, whether in personal or professional realms. The Flow Index developed by Torsten Osthus enables an assessment of where you, your team, or your organization stand. Through detailed analysis, the Flow Index provides a clear and objective view of strengths and areas for growth.

Whether you're striving to drive innovations, manage leadership issues, or pursue personal development, at the core, it's always the same four principles and the cybernetic process that should be adhered to, even in challenging situations.

Feel free to take the test, and if you have feedback or want to know more, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to help.

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Torsten Osthus

Every person has the right to be successful, whatever success may mean for each of us. In the end, what matters is that we can look back on a successful and fulfilling life. That's when we know we've done everything right.


Together, we embark on the journey to conquer your challenges and develop a system that empowers you to overcome any obstacles in the future.
We Refine Your Brilliance

First, we analyze your current situation using the Flow Index and discuss your biggest challenges and concerns. This step aims to sharpen your competencies and develop a roadmap for you to design your life.

We Find Clarity

Torsten Osthus assists you in realizing what you stand for and where you want to go. The Compass system provides the necessary guidance. Work time is life time. How do you want to spend it, and with what outcome? Business goals often go hand in hand with personal ones. Recognizing the clarity of what's important and which actions have a significant impact will ensure you tackle the right things.

We Reconnect You to the Flow

Through your personal compass, you gain all the abilities to align your dreams, goals, and values in all areas of life. Together, we reconnect you to the flow and elevate both you and your business to the next level. Life.Work.Flow.

Bessie Anderson Stanley

Success belongs to the one who has lived well, laughed often, and loved deeply. Who earned the trust and respect of wise individuals and the love of little children. Who found their place and fulfilled their purpose; who left the world better than they found it, be it through beautiful flowers they cultivated, a perfected poem, or a saved soul. Whose gratitude never wavered, who cherished the beauty of our world and never failed to express it; who sought only the best in others and gave their best from themselves; whose life was an inspiration and whose memory is a blessing.

Bessie Anderson Stanley wrote this poem in 1904 for a competition held by the Brown
Book Magazine in Boston, Massachusetts.


Whether you're seeking professional success, personal fulfillment, or both, the Flow Index provides you with the means and knowledge to be well-prepared for your journey. Curious about the results you can achieve with us? No problem!

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