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In various roles - as a founder, CEO, sparring partner, and investor - Torsten Osthus has propelled his teams and companies forward over 25 years. His involvements are incubations stemming from his founding company, where employees have brought their own innovation ideas to reality. All of them adhere to principles that are considered central by customers and the industry to successfully implement and create value through digitalization.

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ACCURIDS is the first master and metadata platform that combines and standardizes all capabilities for enterprise data governance in one solution. It maintains openness to integrate with any existing systems through centralized governance and distributed management.


ZONTAL is the first FAIR Data Platform for Life Sciences R&D that enables laboratory digitization and supports the data life cycle from generation, management, archiving, to Life Sciences analytics.


LeapAnalysis has been recognized by FAST Company in 2021 as the 3rd most innovative company worldwide in the field of Data Science with its virtualized Data Lake for Data Analytics. The brand has since transitioned to the name Shardone, and the technology has been expanded as a SaaS model. Now, companies can easily harmonize and analyze their data from various sources using this technology.


Chemantics is the first ChemoInformatics platform that enables unique identification of chemical structures based on semantic chemistry. It provides component-based services that can be integrated into customer applications. Additionally, a UI framework based on widgets allows for flexible and individual configuration and adaptation of user interfaces, enabling the solution to be customized to meet the specific requirements of customers.


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